Word of the day: scabrous

YJ and I got some free movie tickets back in December, good for 2006. Almost 7 months into the year and we still haven’t found a good movie to spend free tickets on. I believe the last movie we saw in the theatre was Wedding Crashers. What’s out there…Superman? Movies like Superman, Matrix III, Star Wars episode I, etc etc. should send a healthy kickback to the Catholic church for presenting so many thinly veiled Jesus references. What else? Nacho LIbre?

Clerks II is coming out this Friday, another movie I am initially excited about before I watch a trailer and get depressed again. Here are te first few reviews from rotten tomatoes… don’t you love it when people get paid to copy each others words, like “scabrous” and watch movies?

Posted at 09:12 pm by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 07/21/2006 02:34 PM PDT
Best bang for the dollar that I have seen is undoubtedly Pirates of the Caribbean (especially for free). Sad isn’t it? Superman was disappointing; I was simply bored.

Haven’t seen Nacho Libre, but my bet is…bad. Every director that one can depend on to put out a good movie is NOT this year.

Even M Night, who I am a big fan of, is getting scathing, bitterly horrible reviews. I saw it coming from a mile away, though:

The last interview I saw him in, he was just WAY full of himself…I immediately said, “his next movie is going to HAVE to suck”. I heard it was pretentious and M Night has his largest role ever.

Out of the “mainstream” ones that are out, my money is on “Cars” being probably the most enjoyable. I’m a sucker for Pixar movies, though…


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