Niceness Hegemony

The kind of thing I get in the inbox daily:

>Call for Applications for Young Global Leaders Summits
>Globally conscious young leaders at OSU wishing to make a difference in
>the world are invited to apply for one of Americans for Informed
>Democracy’s Young Global Leaders Summits, which are taking place across
>America in the summer of 2006! The summits will bring together young
>leaders from across the U.S. for workshops, speakers, and discussions on
>how young people can take positive action to ensure a principled and
>collaborative U.S. role in the world. Participants will hear from top
>experts and then be immersed in breakout sessions where the y will have
>the chance to weigh in with their own view o n the U.S. role in global
>issues. The summits are free for selected participants thanks to generous
>support from the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers
>Fund, and Open Society Institute.
>To learn more about our summer conferences, click on the link below for
>more on the global summit that interests you:

Posted at 02:04 pm by Johnny B


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