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Actually mentions Cameron Parish. A parish with about as many pipelines as people. I hope everybody is enjoying $3 a gallon gasoline, because that’s what we got for a while.

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"Sure do miss my home town"

Thursday, June 29, 2006
Fwd: Sure do miss my home town…
I’m sorry but this is just funny stuff. Sent to me by our friend Lucas, a native of the great city of New Orleans. Wow…

Transvestite gang pesters Magazine Street
By Richard A. Webster Staff Writer

dog bites man

The episcopalian church continues to “not curb” the ordination of openly gay bishops. The worldwide episcopal meeting was held in Columbus, OH. Why Columbus? Well, the Columbus convention center is smack dab in the middle of the Short North district, the gay village of Columbus. We bumped into some Episcopalians around town. In general I don’t like to comment on other people’s religion, so I’ll just throw this out there for now.

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More Rita Aftermath

NPR recently made a stop down home and interviewed my cousin Kevin. The juxtaposition of the New Orleans “victims” and Rita “survivors” is telling. Still hard to fathom what all is going on down there, as the heat is now setting in and hurricane season starts

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Katrina and Kelo

The Opinion Journal has a good discussion of the facts and people involved. Wonder what Souter thinks?

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An excellent illustration of how the political left is no real friend to the common man…

Funny though, how in the end the author points out the main subject of the article is “no defender of capitalist principles”, even though he is fighting eminent domain. Maybe one day he’ll realize the connection between those two things, for they are inexorably linked.

Kelo was the absolute worst decision to come down from the supreme court in decades.

Niceness Hegemony

The kind of thing I get in the inbox daily:

>Call for Applications for Young Global Leaders Summits
>Globally conscious young leaders at OSU wishing to make a difference in
>the world are invited to apply for one of Americans for Informed
>Democracy’s Young Global Leaders Summits, which are taking place across
>America in the summer of 2006! The summits will bring together young
>leaders from across the U.S. for workshops, speakers, and discussions on
>how young people can take positive action to ensure a principled and
>collaborative U.S. role in the world. Participants will hear from top
>experts and then be immersed in breakout sessions where the y will have
>the chance to weigh in with their own view o n the U.S. role in global
>issues. The summits are free for selected participants thanks to generous
>support from the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers
>Fund, and Open Society Institute.
>To learn more about our summer conferences, click on the link below for
>more on the global summit that interests you:

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Reading list for Condi Rice

An article from Scientific American

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Interesting article…I’m assuming the link with Condoleeza Rice is with sanctions on Iran?

Interestingly enough I’ve worked on economic experiments like this and it’s amazing how much like rats we all are when we are exposed to a controlled environment and how easy it is to nail down human tendencies.

A similar phenomenon was evident with the first few seasons of the Pilgrims where all were welcome to share of the community crops. They nearly starved to death.

Without recourse…noone contributes didley squat.