Anyone want to go to another party?

And I don’t mean a Super Bowl party.

Every once in a while I think….why can’t we have a real alternative
political party? After all why should we have to choose between two
parties that a) are at the beck and call of special
interests…corporate or “not for profit”, and b) completely
disconnected from their constituency except for when it comes to
piling on “earmarks” at the cost of the American taxpayer…and, of
course, getting elected. I begin to think, “Isn’t there another way?
Is there a party out there that can break this back and forth of

Currently the only real “third parties” are the Constitution Party,
the Green Party, and the Libertarian party.

Green Party…”if we just would stop polluting everyone would just get
along and dialogue and do whatever the UN tells us to, and we’ll all
live happily ever after.”

Libertarian Party…”Government? We don’t need no stinking government.”

The Constitution Party…”What year is this? James Monroe is still
President, right?”

But take a look at some of the other parties:

Most of these parties are much like factious religious denominations
(and of course some sort of ARE religious denominations), either way
too liberal, way too conservative (both quite scary), or way too issue
specific (Marijuana party, Natural Law Party, etc.).

It reminds me of a story a preacher told one time about a church
splitting in two because half of the church thought that the during
the “Lord’s Supper”–that’s Communion for you Catholics–the church
should use Welch’s grape juice and the other half wanted some other
kind (I can’t remember the other kind because I was firmly in the
Welch’s camp).

The purest parties are the libertarian ones including the Peoples
Choice Party, which have a “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone,
and we really don’t need goverment” attitude. The problem is of
course this results in a VEHEMENT isolationism which I don’t find very
practicable, and a complete lack of acknowledgement of even the
possibility of right and wrong. I’m generally a big fan of “strict
constructionism” but we can’t pretend the Constitution was written in
some vacuum void of morality and free of any “foreign entanglements”.
Neither can we pretend that government can work if the executive
branch NEVER makes a decision without consent of congress–another
hallmark of the “libertarian” parties.

So what do we do? Should we just start one of our own? Do we join one
of these libertarian type parties and try to change it from within?
Or do we just pray that the next generation of GOP and Democrats come
to their senses?

Posted at 02:55 am by Logipundit

Posted by JohnBroussard @ 02/11/2006 10:47 AM PST
I’ve always wondered why presidential hopeful types, the kind that have the money/influence to run for president, don’t just run for governor of a big state. I’m thinking mainly of Perot and Nader. I’m not a Nader hater, though I wouldn’t vote for the guy. I’ve always thought Nader would be a good (i.e. representative) mayor of San Francisco, and could start up a Green party coalition in CA. Likewise, Perot could have been governor of TX and could build up an independent party in the state. In my opinion a third party has to have a bottom up component, but with some broad appeal. As it is, however, these were just ego-boosts and/or fundraisers for the candidates.

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