Open letter to Mike Dewine

Dear Mike Dewine,

I am confused by your continued resistance to domestic drilling, and am concerned as to your stance on energy independence and state sovereignty. Recent spikes in gasoline prices, as well as an upward trend in prices overall, is enough of a concern for the citizens of Ohio for you to do something about it.
Ohio has been a state for a long time, and as a result only a small percentage of the state is controlled by the federal government. The federal government doesn’t determine whether or not southern Ohio can be mined for coal. In contrast, seventy percent of Alaska is property of the federal government. Is Alaska a territory or a state? If it is a state, why not respect the wishes of Alaskans and it’s representatives on this matter? What makes northern Alaska more untouchable than southern Ohio? Moreover, why should I vote for a Republican who strives to maintain higher gas prices when Paul Hackett will do the same thing but be more straightforward about it?
I look forward to your answer to some of these questions and will consider these answers in the primary elections, and next November.

John Broussard

Posted at 09:56 pm by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 01/04/2006 07:41 PM PST
It is odd that Alaskan representatives don’t have a problem with drilling in their state. Is this because they just hate the environment and want it to be open season on caribou and wolves? Or is it because they (and those they represent) feel the drilling would help and not hurt the people of Alaska while not harming the wildlife?

Is it possible that drilling in Alaska would not completely destroy the environment? Probably not…I’ve never seen wildlife in Louisiana or Texas…and I’m sure that’s because of all the oil rigs.

Posted by JohnBroussard @ 01/05/2006 08:31 AM PST
The footprint of oil drilling is much less than it was 20 years ago. Directional drilling allows one rig to drill in different directions for miles around, replacing all that icky oil under the ground with saline. Land based oil wells are much less bothersome to the environment than city development. The bigger problem I am trying to address the majority ownership of western lands by the federal government.


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