Not quite Magritte

Not quite Magritte, but a muddy house.


Cool link

Hey gang, if y’all are interested, I found this cool site that has “real cajun recipes”. Seriously, it doesn’t look that bad, and they have a blog, too! One of them is the son of Carl Abshire from Kaplan. Maybe somebody out there can track these guys down. Anyway, the link is on the left hand column of the page if anybody is interested.

Posted at 09:05 pm by Johnny B

Posted by Chrissy @ 01/29/2006 02:08 AM PST
Thanks for the link! Do you know Mr. Carl? Esther is just righdere. I bet you’ve got some good recipes…you should submit a couple 😉

Posted by john broussard @ 01/29/2006 05:05 AM PST
I’ll look through the old Cessac family cook book. I’m afraid you might have everything already. I don’t know Mr Carl, but one of the readers and contributors might, which is why I threw that out there. Did Mr. Carl go to Abbeville high?

Posted by Chrissy @ 01/29/2006 02:02 PM PST
Cool 🙂 I think he went to K-Town High!

Vanilla city

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail lately (haven’t we all?), about Mayor Nagin’s remarks. His interest in getting re-elected aside, his proclamation about New Orleans being a chocolate city again doesn’t seem to bear out when you look at the facts.

Leaking like a sieve

NPR brings to light a border dispute involving… the mexican military? Providing cover for a drug smuggling ring? I predict Bush will call the local law enforcement “vigilantes” and proclaim that the Mexican smuggling incursions into the US are to provide drugs that Americans aren’t willing to grow.

Posted at 09:19 pm by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 01/27/2006 09:49 AM PST
That’s absolutely what will happen (at least the first part), and–as my grandmother used to say–“that just boils my blood.”


I’m so ashamed at what this country is coming to…I read this story in the AP…

BEAVER FALLS, Pa. (AP) — A 17-year-old high school student said he was humiliated when a teacher made him sit on the floor during a midterm exam in his ethnicity class — for wearing a Denver Broncos jersey.

Can you believe it? What kind of school teaches “ethnicity” class

Posted at 09:17 pm by Johnny B

Posted by Chrissy @ 01/29/2006 02:05 AM PST
I think I would have enjoyed an ethnicity class… perhaps I would have learned earlier that Cajuns are a federally recognized ethnicity and should claim themselves as such on the US Census 😉 Seriously though, that was one of the best parts of living in Los Angeles.. learning about all different types of people, customs, cultures, etc (and their foods. mmmm)

Posted by john broussard @ 01/29/2006 05:01 AM PST
Ethnicity class may have be fun, but a solid civics or history class is better in the long run for a student, in my opinion. I’m glad you’ve got to experience different customs and cultures, and it sounds like this is pretty easy to do, and doesn’t require formal instruction. There are many asian graduate students, and I’ve learned a few recipes from them. One thing I admire is their focus on science and math education, which will put them ahead of Americans unless we do something about it.

Posted by Chrissy @ 01/29/2006 02:37 PM PST
If I would have stayed in Louisiana, I would have never experienced anything outside of black and white. I think some people see teaching students about other cultures or even languages as threatening but I think it’s wonderful. There’s more to life the the three R’s.. like art, music and culture – both American and non-American. Learning about these things develops different parts of the brain and helps people to think differently (and it’s been said more efficiently). Plus when we understand other people’s differences we tend to be more accepting of them.

Asian-Americans and other Americans are thriving on the science and math that’s currently offered.. that leads me to believe that the content is there, the kids just have to be encouraged to appreciate it.

New Orleans remodeling

An interesting piece about remodeling in New Orleans…By the one and only Jeremy Alford.

Magritte’s house

Posted at 06:54 am by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 01/26/2006 03:31 PM PST
Holy Schneikes…what town is this in, man?

Posted by john broussard @ 01/26/2006 09:07 PM PST
This is the old home place of Johnny B. My folks tore the roof off after the flood. FEMA should be coming soon to knock the rest of it down.