It’s Alito

Monday, October 31, 2005
It’s Alito

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Menstruation science

One of my least favorite sciences…at any rate, here is an interesting finding: Women’s spatial ability improves during menstruation DPA , HAMBURG, GERMANY Tuesday, Oct 18, 2005,Page 6 Through history women have been the butt of smirking male jokes about their alleged inability to give directions or to read road maps. Now, researchers at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, have discovered that a woman’s spatial ability, and hence her ability to read maps, actually increases during her menstrual period. During most of her monthly cycle, higher levels of the female hormone estrogen are present and these were linked to lower scores on such things as direction finding and map reading. But when levels of the male hormone testosterone were higher, as during their period, women did better.

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Race issues

Walter Williams discusses Katrina

Thomas Sowell discusses the passing of Rosa Parks, and the The role of government in segregation

Here is a taste:

“Many, if not most, municipal transit systems were privately owned in the 19th century and the private owners of these systems had no incentive to segregate the races. These owners may have been racists themselves but they were in business to make a profit — and you don’t make a profit by alienating a lot of your customers. There was not enough market demand for Jim Crow seating on municipal transit to bring it about. It was politics that segregated the races because the incentives of the political process are different from the incentives of the economic process. Both blacks and whites spent money to ride the buses but, after the disenfranchisement of black voters in the late 19th and early 20th century, only whites counted in the political process. “

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You can lead an undergraduate to science, but you can’t make him think.


Hey gang,

I’ve been keeping an eye on this RSS, XML stuff for a while and told myself I’d try it out after I passed my candidacy exam (guess what, I passed! I am now a PhD candidate! I’m bona fide!) Now I’ve got a little breathing room for blog spelunking, I started looking into these little orange buttons I find on all the big news sites I visited. Turns out you can get all the news you want right on your desktop without bumping around looking for it. I figure half of you reading this will say, “Duh, I knew about that five years ago”, but for the other half, this is cool.

Check out

Some news I just have to share with everyone
For a man recently lauded as top intellectual, TCS investigates hypocrisy in action. This is about the intellectual who shall remain unnamed, for fear of Google Adsense emailing/ads about books I may be interested in. Long story short, a big time academic who make a living speaking and writing about how bad American corporations are has a retirement portfolio filled with American companies. How noble!

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Who’s missing here?

Here’s the list of Senators who voted for the Coburn amendment, which was an attempt to divert $400 million form egregiously wasteful projects (such as the Bridge to Nowhere) to Katrina reconstruction efforts:

Allard (R)
Allen (R)
Bayh (D)
Burr (R)
Coburn (R)
Conrad (D)
DeMint (R)
DeWine (R)
Feingold (D)
Graham (R)
Kyl (R)
Landrieu (D)
Sessions (R)
Sununu (R)
Vitter (R)

Anyone missing here? Not even Trent Lott or Thad Cochran, both Republicans from Mississippi, wishes to represent his own people in this vote. Apparently a $200 million dollar bridge for 50 people was more important to Lott than, say, rebuilding Biloxi. Good job guys.

It’s important to note that John McCain was for the Coburn amendment before he was against it. Something to note for future presidential debates.

Republicans are simply failing to dance with the ones that brung ’em, namely people who wanted smaller, less corrupt government. Thanks for basically guaranteeing tax hikes on us, jackholes!

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Posted by Reagan_Gahagan @ 10/22/2005 11:53 AM PDT
At this point, I’m seriously contemplating switching from Republican to Independent. If it weren’t for being able to get involved with the primaries, I would have already done so. I find it amazing that Conservative voters put most of these people in power and then they do their best not to be conservative.

Posted by Hemonster @ 10/22/2005 12:12 PM PDT
I agree whole-heartedly. The only thing that carries these people into office is wedge-issue politics: abortion, gay marriage and death-penalty nonesense. Just take a look at the VA gubernatorial campaign for evidence . . .

Posted by BP @ 10/23/2005 05:21 PM PDT
The worst ad campaign in the history of politics. A whole minute, basically saying…”hey Kilgore is willing to kill them sons of bitches, and this Kaine guy ain’t”.

Not that it’s not an important issue, but aren’t there better lynchpin issues to talk about? Immigration, taxes, transportation…etc…

Posted by JohnnyB @ 10/24/2005 08:17 AM PDT
Hey guys, um, what the heck are y’all talking about? Welcome Hemonster! Send some links or let me know who’s who. I assume that Kilgore is a Republican, I mean, what a name! Sorry I don’t keep track of other state races.

And for a fleeting moment…

…I agreed with Louis Farrakhan (Washington Post–August 14th):

‘Farrakhan, in Washington for events to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March, including a rally tomorrow on the Mall, blasted federal anti-poverty efforts over the last 30 years as hypocritical attempts to either win votes or temporarily pacify the downtrodden. But, in keeping with his self-help message, Farrakhan said that before any progress can be made, black people must spend less and produce more rather than immediately seek government help.’

“We’re tired of begging others to do for us what we have the capacity to do for ourselves,” he said. “If you don’t have a desire to help yourself, nobody will help you.”‘

…and then he blew it (Washington Post August 16th) by calling for reparations and then hinting back to his theories of evil racists bombing the levees in New Orleans.

Why have a theme of unity and pulling a community up by it’s bootstraps if all we’re going to talk about is the past and racial divisiveness. Martin Luther King is probably rolling over in his grave…along with Frederick Douglas and Booker T Washington.

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