OK one more time…with the link…WHAT?

I just don’t understand this. This makes no sense. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/19/national/19ranch.html Number one, why do these illegal immigrants have this sort of access to our legal system. Number two, let’s assume that the illegal immigrants were actually beaten with a gun, and then given cookies and blanket and let go…how in the world do you go from that to…”yep…we have to give these guys the ranch.” Instead of deportatioin, they get a ranch? Someone please explain this to me.

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Loud and clear, big buddy. Any presidential candidate worth his salt will be standing on an Arizona border giving a speech about our porous borders and this horrible security breech. These immigrants weren’t even from Mexico. The next round of terrorists are definitely coming in through Mexico.

Posted by Brandon Starr @ 09/05/2005 09:51 PM PDT
Yep, that’s an odd duck, alright.

A little like that African country that recently threw out all the white farmers and gave the farms to its black supporters. Now it’s gone from an exporter of food to an importer.

When governments take from the productive and give to the “oppressed,” it only pays to be oppressed.


Who would Jesus "Take Out"?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Who would Jesus “Take Out”?
I know it is a slow news cycle, Israel finished pulling out of Gaza and everything, Cindy Sheehan pulled out of Crawford, and CNN et al. have to put something out there. I know the angle here. But hasn’t Pat Robertson lost his marbles? I never liked this guy. Maybe I lived too close to Baton Rouge and saw too much Jimmy Swaggart to give any televangelist much love. Pat Robertson and company don’t represent white Christians any more than Jesse Jackson represents black Christians. The Republican party needs to appreciate this or guys like Bill Richardson (D) will appeal to their voters pretty soon.

This morning I saw the full comment in full context in video. Now CNN has all this “analysis” instead (I hate when they do that). I’m sure the video is out there somewhere. Robertson basically want to send the CIA down to take out Chavez in Venezuala to “avoid a war”. What the hell? The only person talking about this is Chavez himself, to get the Venezualans on his side against America and ignore the fact that they are all still poor. Nobody is talking about this right now. Venezuala is still selling oil to us, and all Chavez’s talk has really been just talk. All of this plays into Chavez’s hands.

Where in the bible does it say to assassinate people you don’t like?
Off camera, it was rumoured that Pat Robertson mentioned that he slept with Chavez’s wife and that his (Pat’s) “Fo-fo makes sho yo (Chavez) kids don’t grow.” Pat also says he intends to make Chavez famous on the next WWE RAW.

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I’m with you on the televangelists…I don’t think they are good spokesmen for the “right-wingers”, because the true modern conservative is also a true classic liberal and believes in the establishment AND free exercise clauses of the first amendment.

Although…I would hesitate to throw Pat in with Jimmy, however, to defend Pat he is not SIMPLY a televangelist, but a news anchor for a news network (CBN) which is at least OPEN about its slant. And let me tell you it makes Fox News look quite “fair and balanced”–it’s enough to drive me crazy, so I’m sure it would make the math professors and film students of the world pull their hair out. However, Pat has as much right to give his wacko opinions as James Carville on CNN does.

But…that’s the problem…he’s posing as a journalist, when he clearly has an agenda (like Carville, Begala, etc.) But for the most part, I prefer the Billy Graham approach to politics: Make sure you’re buddy buddy with whoever is in power, stick to the preaching, and stay out of journalism.

Or more simply put…politics, sure…journalism, no.

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“Hit ’em up” Pat.
“Die slo mothafucka.”
“Gonna let the West side ride tonight.”

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[click name for entry] Wow! We both wrote about the same thing, with the same title, too! Heh. I stuck in a few links that might interest you.

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Chavez is still selling oil to the U.S.–for now. He’s in deep talks with China to supply them with oil in the future.

Dr. Woo part I

Earlier this summer I was having intermittent but painful stomach cramping. Every two or three days, interminable cramping and constipation. I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I never had GI problems before. After a couple of weeks it gets to the point where I threw my guts up in the bathroom…something I hadn’t done in years. Well, I decided to go see the doctor. The friendly university clinic doc prescribed a laxative. Maybe a good idea. Except three days later the pain came back even worse.

To top it all off Yun-ju and I decided not to get air conditioning this summer. After all, last summer it only got up to 90 three days of the summer. It’s not like Louisiana, or South Carolina, if you know what I mean. So to save a few bucks we say no to buying and installing an air conditioning unit. One good result of this is that door-to-door salesmen pass by our apartment without knocking, thinking that we are too destitute to buy what they are selling. To this end we have also purchased a bottle of “That Smell”. You know “That Smell”, which lingers in the soggy trailers some of us may be familiar with, for some reason or another.

So, I’m writhing around in the heat and pain and decide to spend my Friday night (4a.m. ish) visiting the emergency room, where I first visited the bathroom. Pain pills and water…nothing was staying down.

The first thing the nurse said is, “we’ll get you an X-ray and a CT scan” Sounds frickin’ good to me. The warm towels feel good (maybe not 892$ worth of good, but I’ll get to that later). Some intern with gray hair came in and asked, “So what brings you in here today?” and “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you in?” I realized this is pretty much the extent of service you get without serious trauma. I geuss he figured I was enjoying a friday night/saturday morning in a meat locker with a warm towel. Then the brilliant real doctor comes in and asks the same series of questions. I keep wondering if there is, I don’t know, some kind of chart or maybe a record a doctor could read from so they don’t have to ask all these questions. I explain to this doctor that I’m going through this cycle of two days or so of no pain followed by a day of intense pain. He asks me which part of the cycle I’m in now. “The pain part!”

Apparently I wasn’t convincing enough because I got no tests. Three hours in the hospital and no progress. Life ain’t like “ER”. I did get half a liter of 0.9% saline (300$), which costs ~8$ when I order it in the lab.

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I am waiting with baited breath for the rest of this story.

Gaza pullout

I have a Jewish friend, who voted for Bush, who had an interesting insight. Last weekend he told me, “Israel is pulling out of Gaza on Monday.” We talked and he said, “These people are upset about moving 10 miles away. It would be like getting upset about moving across Columbus. And the palestinians are upset because they had to move twenty miles away 60 years ago.” He basically said the settlers were crazy…

I could appreciate not wanting to move out of my house. Even if I were crazy (e.g. David Koresh), the government shouldn’t have the right to burn down my house and kill me and my crazy cult friends for a minor offense, without due process. However, if I built my compound on an Indian reservation, and the natives didn’t like it, I guess I wouldn’t complain so much (if I were asked to evacuate, not if my house were burned down with me inside it).

I had a palestinian colleague who complained that non-Jews can only vote in certain elections, but not all elections. He was in the middle of a rant and I didn’t want to provoke him, but I thought that at the time (this was a couple of years ago) that the average non-Jew had more say over his government in Israel than in, say, Jordan.

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I haven’t read all the papers, haven’t seen all the headlines, but what I’ve seen so far regarding the Gaza Strip news is about “Isreal pulling out of the Gaza Strip.” It is about the Israelis and how hard it is for those who obviously don’t want to leave. This is the drama. The drama lies with the Israelis, according to what we

Liberal Words I hate

“Awareness”: a perfectly good word forever ruined by liberalism. Whenever you hear a presentation or read a paper in which the words, “The goal of this project is to raise awareness…” start calculating new tax deductions.

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I’ve got my CPA working overtime already.

Maybe we should write a paper to raise awareness on the wastefullness of academic pursuits for the sake of academic pursuit.

One of these days I’m going to do a full post on why the space program is a dismal failure, and always will be unless our PURPOSE is more than “knowledge” and “exploration”.

The problem with “awareness” is that the only people that give a flying flip about academic “awareness” campaigns are other academics.

Posted by Rothell @ 09/16/2005 12:34 PM PDT
You guys crack me up. “Awareness” had never struck me as a particularly liberal word. But, Broussard, if that’s what you think, then consider words that for me have lost their value in contemporary Republican rhetoric.

“Freedom.” Bush loves to use this word. It is like kryptnonite to the evil “TERRORISTS!” That’s what they want to “destroy.” Yeah. That always made sense to me. Bad guys rubbing their hands together, hatching plots to blow up the world because the idea of “freedom” just drives them bonkers.

Other words: “destroy,” “victorious,” “resolved.” These typically come straight from the horse’s mouth, George W. Bush, whose speeches might go well as narration for a Rocky movie but not as real speech pertaining to our own reality.

My favorite, though, is “terrorist.” Acts of “terrorism” have been a military strategy since the invention of war. That is a fact, not my opinion. Did the United States (and its allies, particularly Britain) drop bombs on hundreds of villages and cities in Germany during Worlds War 2? Yes. Did we do the same in Vietnam? Yes. Fact: we dropped more bombs on a New Jersey-sized country than all the bombs dropped on Europe combined in the second worlds war. What do we call that? Well the U.S. government doesn’t want to call that terrorism! But is it?
(I hate to write this because these are dark days when you cannot openly discuss acts of criminality under U.S. government direction without fearing some Bush cronie is going to come and arrest you.)
The plane-hijackers and suicide-bombers are terrorists. But that word should mean little to people who can think for themselves, because its sad but true that the U.S. has got blood on its hands too.

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Hey Rothell,

Real quick, remind me of your address.


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speaking of words…here’s a reason to be selective of what Thesaurus you buy…kind of interesting.


Oh and by the way, here’s some other words that I feel that the left has hijacked:

“choice”–basic right applied only to women and only to the right to have an abortion…no choice of schools, or religions, or anything else.

“progressive”–making sure that every single aspect of the “great society” is completely unchanged from it’s original structure established in the mid 1960’s.

“nuanced”– a form of logic and reason carefully crafted to fall in line with every left-leaning thought conceived since the dawn of birth control.



“priveleged”–those who pay taxes

I could go on and on…we should write a dictionary.

Posted by Logipundit @ 09/16/2005 07:16 PM PDT
OH and by the way…it’s interesting you mention the word “terrorist”. I really don’t really see the problem with the word as a practical matter.

If I was German when we were bombing Dresden, I might indeed have called the US terrorists. And if I were a VietCong soldier, I may have indeed called the US military terrorists…but what’s your point? Are you saying it’s a matter of perspective? Of course it is.

Would you rather we use less generic words?

How about Islamic terrorists? Or Muslim extremists? Or ragheads? What do you want? I think terrorist is the most politically correct, practical, and precise term for the people that we are indeed fighting against. Maybe they call us terrorists, too, but what difference does that make?

The whole world has been using the word terrorism since at least the 70s, and even the most politically left have to acknowledge that there is a certain type of violence or fighting or whatever you call it that can be easily defined as terrorism.

Anyway, I’m having trouble getting your point, but that’s OK…I know you really don’t need one. It was indeed a great way to remind us all that the US is still evil and imperialistic, and I sure appreciate the reminder.

Posted by john broussard @ 09/17/2005 08:54 AM PDT
I had thought about “terrorist” and “freedom” too. Those are fair points in that the value of the words is kind of lost for now, but #1 You’ll get no sympathy for German villagers from me. WWI was much to a more inconclusive standstill, and twenty years later there was another war. Bombing into submission was a policy is the price the Germans had to pay. #2 It was the rise of communism, not American bombing, that drove massive Vietnamese immigration. As the bad as the former was, you got to question which is worse. If America wins the war the Vietnamese would be about a million times better off…they were truly the losers there.

Posted by john broussard @ 09/17/2005 10:12 AM PDT
Hey Rothell,

What’s your take on the German election?

Lafayette goes big government

So it seems Lafayette, the city that voted for Bobby Jindal for Governor, has voted to take a bite out of the private sector by issuing bonds (the republican version of “raising taxes”) and bridging the “digital divide”. What a bunch of rotgut. Last week I enjoyed a bit of saturday late night television. Nearly every commercial was for online poker. Think they’ll be seeing that in Lafayette soon?

I hate when the the Daily Advertiser tells the story a little black girl doing research for a science project (“I might have to use books or go to the library if I didn’t have the internet.” Imagine that.) Let’s be realistic here, how much is the internet being used for strictly educational purposes?

Reminds me of a time I sat in on one of Jordan’s classes at a small Community College in Boston. Tuition there is pretty expensive, and some people consider it kind of elite. A lot of colorful folks there, and one guy there was using the high speed internet connection, which was supplied to every desk, to read a Paul Krugman editorial in the NY Times. A quick survey of the class showed a lot of people were pissing away their time in one way or the other, thanks to the miracle of high-speed internet in the classroom.

Now little black kids in Lafayette can read the NY Times (at best!) instead of doing their homework.

All that being said, living out in the sticks gets one no love from telephone or cable companies. I could sympathize with people wanting to do something about it. But it was cheap satellite dishes that provided television content the whole countryside, not a TVA of the twenty-first century. And if you don’t want to get it, you don’t have to pay anything. I figure it would be the same for the internet in a couple of years, at no cost to those who don’t want the internet.

Anyway, check out http://www.theadvertiser.com to see the story.

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Google searches through my thoughts

A couple of months ago I checked out Google maps. Some nice pictures, but I wasn’t too impressed. Now, whew, it’s amazing. Check this out.: I could imagine what some miscreant with Google Earth, the anarchist cookbook, and some bad intentions could do.

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I, too, am a big fan of google earth. Just wish they had a mac version.