Hey guess what? Howard Dean thinks I’m lazy.

Friday, June 03, 2005
Hey guess what? Howard Dean thinks I’m lazy.
How in the name of all that is holy and precious…does this guy become the representative of the Democratic Party. I weep for the party of JFK, Scoop Jackson, Harry Truman. We’re talking about a party that lost the 2004 Popular vote beginning at an average household income of $23,000 (according to Third Way and Blueprint–reportedly “centrist” organizations).

That’s $5000 above the poverty line, and the majority of the people at that level voted for George W Bush. Actually, according to the same report, with whites voters with household incomes between 30,000 and 75,000 per year, Kerry lost by 22 points!

What is it going to take to convince the Democratic party that noone in the country believes for one second that the Republican party is the party of the rich. If it is, then someone needs to inform the voters and it better be someone other than the guy whose idea of winning voters over…is insulting them? Yeah that ALWAYS works.

Posted at 12:48 am by Logipundit

Posted by JohnnyB @ 06/03/2005 12:59 AM PDT
whoa we just posted two minutes apart. Earth shattering.

Here’s the thing about Dean and his rants. They are for the faithful only. Kind of like when Trent Lott wished that old South Carolina dude was president. Now, the mikes picked it up, so what. It’s kind of like when the Lakers mess up and trade Shaq. Do I feel bad that the Lakers destroyed their own dynasty? Not at all. In fact, now I can root for Shaq again. However, when the Democrats go so far to the left, Republicans will get more left just to hold onto power (as evidenced by recent actions of Senators)

Posted by JohnnyB @ 06/03/2005 12:59 AM PDT
Did you feel the Earth Shatter?

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