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Here is an interesting graph, since the end of the cold war the nukes in America have dropped to about 10,000 bombs , roughly the same as (or half of, depending on which estimate you believe) the Russians. This number will probably get lower, albeit slowly, once things improve in Russia. Another site shows Egypt as the number 1 recipient of US foreign aid. Butch has a point about non-proliferation. U.S. is not preventing other countries from non-proliferating, unless you think US should cave in to North Korean extortion, and by not doing so is a hurdle to non-proliferation.

With regards to the U.N., I think Scottie has pointed out the futility of this organization, at least in terms of global diplomacy, better than I could. The U.S. supports Israel but not Iran. Both have “clandestine” nuclear programs. Israel is an ally and Iran, well, isn’t. US aids countries who aren’t allies but are “neutral” and not developing nukes (Jordan, Egypt). Whatever protocol the US signs at the UN will have little leverage in the face of enemies developing nukes.

Weaponization of space entails developing defense systems capable of taking out nukes on the fly or in the home of the aggressor. To the extent this is proliferation, certainly this administration is in support of that. Japan, lets say, may vote against it in the UN but when the Norks or Chinese get testy they will be happy the US has been a hurdle to non-proliferation. The alternative is to allow Japan to arm themselves in the face of a Nork threat…in which case the US would undoubtably be criticized as “being the biggest hurdle to non-proliferation”

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Israel is the number one recipient of US foreign aid. Egypt receives considerable foreign aid, due to the Camp David Peace Accords, but Israel receives far more than any other country. I don’t know where you got your data, but you need to be more thorough .

I read an interesting article yesterday concerning China’s military buildup. China has recently tested a longe-range missile (9000km range I believe), and the DOD here went ape-shit over the testing. Rumsfeld echoed concerns of the Chinese military build-up. The interesting thing I discovered was the country that sold China its high-tech components that drastically improved its long-range capabilities : Israel. What makes this data a double-whammy is that Israel’s missile technology is a derivative of the US’s , since we have armed that country to the teeth. Where is the outcry on Israel’s treachery?

To be clear, I never claimed that the UN should dissolve or disband, or attempted to trivilaize its existence. My point was that the actions of the US completely undermine the UN’s efforts. The US does NOT respect the wishes of the General Assembly, does not abide by the votes where the US is in the overwhelming minority, does NOT respect some verdicts of the World Court, the UN’s judicial component. And, not to make claims without proof, I offer the following headscratchers:
(These votes are somehwat dated but to signify actions which counter the mainstream media’s coverage of the US-UN relationship) :

1. in 1986, the US was found guilty by the World Court of international terrorism for its proxy war against Nicaragua. The US was ordered to cease illegal operations. The US , in fact, escalated the atrocities.
2. Soonafter this ruling, there was a Security Council vote calling on all nations to “observe international law”. The vote was 11-1 (US).
3. After the security council vote , there was a General Asssembly vote on the same measure of “observing international law”. The vote was 94-3 (US, Israel, El Salvador). Note the 2 countries that joined the US were client states.
4. A follow up vote on the same measure : 94-2 (US, Israel)

Where is the media through all this? Are these votes not newsworthy?????

In regards to non-proliferation and WMD, these votes might astonish the brainwashed ….

In 1987, there was a General assembly vote banning weapons in outer space (star wars). The vote was 154-1 (US). Another resolution which unequivocally called on all nations to stop developing new weapons of mass destruction. This vote was only 135-1 (US). Another resolution for a nuclear test freeze : 137-3 (US, Britain, France).

Simple questions to ask:

1. Why is this record not covered in the mainstream presses?
2. Why would the US vote this way?
3. Why is the story not that the US is virtually alone in the world?
4. Given the nature of the US’s record with respect to non-proliferation, why does the US try and prevent other nations from acquiring them?
5. Why does no one discuss the double standard of Israeli nukes in the context of a nuclear-free Middle East?
(I have covered this in a response to another entry from JohnnyB)
6. What gives the US the right to dictate which countries obtain nukes, since the US is still the only country to have used this type of weapon (on an enemy that already asked for a surrender, by the way).
7. Is the US as “benevolent” as it tries to portray itself?


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I cited the OECD for the foreign aid stat…who do you cite Scottie?

Funny you mention about Israel and China, since I read this not two weeks ago on Yahoo news:

Condoleeza kept her eye on the ball as a good anti-commie. I can’t speak for the american mainstream now that most all my news is off the web. Needless to say I am pissed that the Israelies tried to do this. I am not familiar with a successful sale of long range missile technology to China, Scottie, could you find that for me? Also, What do the Chi-coms need to go to a middle man for? They already developed long-range capability thanks to the Clinton admininistration.

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U.S. Financial Aid To Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact

Benefits to Israel of U.S. Aid
Since 1949 (As of November 1, 1997)

Foreign Aid Grants and Loans

Other U.S. Aid (12.2% of Foreign Aid)

Interest to Israel from Advanced Payments

Grand Total

Total Benefits per Israeli
Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of U.S.
Aid to Israel

Grand Total

Interest Costs Borne by U.S.

Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers

this comes from WRMEA

i have found other sources of data which support these figures

Egypt is #2 behind Israel, but with a population far , far greater than Israel’s, so the per capita aid is much, much lower


incidentally, if you want to know why the US gives Egypt considerable aid, i can explain
in 1973, Egypt proved that it was a force to be reckoned with(it was basically a draw between israeli forces and egyptian forces, but not a rout as in 1967), and could keep Israel in check militarily
that’s why the negotiated peace between israel and egypt went through(5 years later), and the payments represent the method of keeping egypt out of the way, so to speak (and also served to lure egypt away from the soviet sphere and into the western sphere)


Posted by Johnny B @ 07/15/2005 08:36 AM PDT
Don’t forget access to the Suez Canal, probably the most cynical reason for keeping Egypt in the western sphere. Anyway everyone’s seen those pictures with Sadat, Carter, and Begin, and heard about Sadat’s heroism etc etc. When did Jordan get on board (tacitly) and start getting foreign aid? Wasn’t it around the same time, or was this later?


A good the-jews-are-responsible-for-everything-that-has-gone-wrong-in-the-world-since-1913-page.

I believe our friend, the Professor, would enjoy this page:

It is complete with a running ticker to show how much aid the US has given Israel so far….getting close to $100 billion. My favorite, though, is the comparison with how many Palestinian children have been killed versus how many Israeli children have been killed.

My second favorite is the comparison between the number of UN resolutions against Israel compared to the zero resolutions against Palestine. I believe that’s in the “case in point” category. I’m increasingly getting the feeling that the anti-semitics of the world (and that’s what we’re talking about…it’s growing hard to rationalize it any other way) need to look in the mirror and understand this:

If it’s true that the American people have been duped by their government into believing that they are a force for good and not evil, while they are in fact just oil hungry capitalists, then it’s at least fair to say that the Chomskyites of the world have similar delusions about the relevance of the United Nations. In other words, if the peace-loving Palestinian sympathizers would just have the balls to admit that the UN is (currently) without a doubt the most useless body politic in the history of the known universe, then it might be easier for those of us “in the dark” to swallow a little American pride.

The truth however, is that the Chomskyite crowd which consistently claims not to be liberal but actually classically conservative, has embraced one undeniably “liberal” trait: results matter less than intentions. The US is held responsible for everything that happens wrong with the world and is expected to financially and militarily intervene when the UN deems it’s worthy (as long as it’s not Muslims persecuting other Muslims). The US ends communism, naziism, and wages an arguably impossible war on terrorism with little or no help from the UN, but the UN is lauded for resolutions….resolutions like the one that determined that what was happening in Darfur was not actually “genocide”. Meanwhile the US is bitched at for not doing anything about it.

My point is…credibility is lost when one slams the US while consistently citing, applauding and supporting an institution as blatantly corrupt, self serving and completely ineffectual as the UN.
Just something to keep in mind.

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Posted by Em @ 06/30/2005 07:34 PM PDT
It’s not so much that there may be more Palestinian children dying than the Isreali children that scares me. What scares me (and I know this doesn’t account for all of the children but…) are the Palestinian parents who send their kids to be homicide bombers. These parents should be hauled away and stuck in Chinese prisons; our prison system is too good and fluffy for them.

Posted by scottie @ 07/07/2005 09:46 AM PDT
i can’t belive these last 2 entries. they completely encapsulate the problem with americans being brainwashed ….

1. butch, which of those facts on that page do you challenge?
2. do you still challenge that the US is partial to Israel, to the detriment of the US image worldwide, which causes groups like al-qaida to organize against the US?
3. you are still caught up in labels . when you cannot label an issue or comment appropriately, you have no response. this is not argument.
4. what books fom chomsky have you read? be specific. what arguments of his do you challenge ? be specific. are all people that have read his writing , in your opinion, a “chomskyite” ?
can i label you a rove-ite? can i label you a bush-ite? do the policies of this administration completely encapsulate your political ideologies?
5. at what point do you start to question the US’s actions? how long should the list of US errors be before you start to realize that the US government is harming the world and disenfranchising its people for the gain of privileged few?

in response to em:

in the 7 years prior to 2000 (before the 2nd intifada started), there were 17 suicide attacks in israel. since the 2nd intifada, there have been over 100 attacks. yet, the ratio of palestinians killed to israelis killed in the same time frame are typically 7:2. how do you account for these numbers? do you find these numbers trivial? the US and israel both label suicide bombers as terrorists, but if a suicide bomber kills himself/herself and scores of innocent israelis, then what accounts for the more numerous palestinian deaths? could it be that what’s being reported in the US does NOT match what’s going on over there? israel was found guilty of war crimes in jenin, rafah, et al by groups like humanrightswatch and amnesty and no mention of these occurences in the US mainstream presses? the US turned a blind-eye through it all. when the seige of rafah played out, the UN condemned the murderous incursion, and the US was the lone country on the security council to abstain from the vote. at what point is that little country held accountable?????????????????

please respond

Posted by scottie @ 07/07/2005 09:49 AM PDT
and by the way, butch, i have tried to keep the gloves up in my writing on your blog:

i must take exception to your summary of my arguments as , what did you say, the “jews-are-responsible-for-all-things-evil bullshit”

if israel commits an atrocity, it is an atrocity, even if jews are involved. do you disagree with that statement?

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I wouldn’t mind being called a hayekian, or a friedmanite (milton, not tom).

Posted by Johnny B @ 07/08/2005 11:00 AM PDT
Interesting coincidence that while this discussion was going on the reports of an attack against a Zionist crusader government were going on.

If we don’t watch out, the Department of Homeland Security will be kicking down our doors (lol?).

Posted by scottie @ 07/10/2005 10:00 AM PDT
i am including a link of amnesty’s report on israel’s conduct in the occupied terrirtories for the year 2004 only. the stats i offered above were for the entire second intifada (since 2000). please read the summary of amnesty in full, and ask yourself the honest question: is the media in the US fairly covering the question of the israel-palestine conflict ?

by the way, amnesty has a squeaky-clean reputation, so please do not try and discredit the report …


Posted by scottie @ 07/10/2005 10:12 AM PDT
see also, if you dare:

Posted by scottie @ 07/10/2005 10:15 AM PDT
the reports only go back to 2003, i think the others are archived

so please visit the sites and please read every word.


Obama and Abe

My last major series of posts were about Abe Lincoln, (yeah that was a while back) so I thought this article about Obama’s opinion about Abe was interesting. I hate to find myself agreeing with Senator Obama, (does anyone doubt he’s our next VP Democrat nominee for President?) but a close study of Lincoln does not find him to be a true champion of Civil Rights until it was militarily and politically expedient (after 2 or 3 years of throwing around useless Generals.) Anyway I’m looking forward to reading ‘Uncovering the Real Abe Lincoln’. I’m all for facts getting in the way of myths and legends.

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Friday, June 17, 2005 Human productivity I know…

Friday, June 17, 2005
Human productivity
I know this blog is mostly political, but this is a particularly interesting piece which transcends petty politics and explores human psychology, and sociology. The question debated is :Why doesn’t Ben Wallace wear the fro for every game?

I’ve been a big fan of the Pistons since they got Rasheed last year and seemingly turned his career around. I predicted they’d beat LA last year and predicted they’d win this year. After watching Team USA get creamed, we simply cannot allow a foreigner (Manu Ginobili) to win the NBA championship MVP. This is simply unacceptable. Every red-blooded american should be shooting free throws and blocking out. I’m talking screen and rolls, give and gos, and backdoor cuts. You gotta know when to come off your man and block that shot, but not too early or your man gets the layup. Also, there should be a federal law against slow double teams. I think this is something we all can agree on.

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Funny IM stuff

Posting without comment

I’d like to see what y’all think about this new 9-11 theory.

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Well, the theory that the US government was complicit in the September 11 attacks is not , in fact, NEW. Read the book entitled “The New Pearl Harbor”. There are too many facts in this book that are irreconcilable with the official version of the September 11 attacks. The Defense Policy Board, whose members include Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld et al, wrote a paper called the “Project for the New American Century” in 98 or 99 which basically suggested to get the American people to foot the bill for a huge increase in military spending there needed to be a perceived threat and a catastrophe on the order of Pearl Harbor … Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall the usual BS reasons for starting wars, like fighting communism or spreading democracy and peace (through warfare ,lol) have needed replacements, as the “bewildered herd” have started to wake up. The only factual content of Johnny B’s linked theory was the lack of Israeli and Jewish victims of 9-11. One may visit CNN’s website which contains the exhaustive list of 9-11 victims. The Jerusalem Post was flooded with calls the day of 9-11 from Israelis whose family members worked at the World Trade Centers. These people were very concerned for their family members. When the actual list of victims came out, it turned out even though there were high numbers of Israelis working at the WTC’s, there was actually only one Israeli victim. The question then surfaced how did so many Israelis not show up for work that day. Well, some people argue that they were warned by an Israeli messaging service. I find this argument plausible. The MOSSAD had , in fact, warned the US intelligence apparatus that they had received chatter on a big attack in NYC. The Germans also warned us, as well as the Egyptians. The US did nothing , such as beef up air defenses for the week (which was specifically identified) , as well as other precautions. So if the MOSSAD saw the US intelligence apparatus not heed its warnings, why would they not issue warnings to Israeli citizens working there. Some people argue that the warnings to Israelis constitute MOSSAD involvement …. I doubt that, given the shaky footing the MOSSAD was on with respect to US institutions. In fact, on September 10, 2001, SAMS (a US military think-tank) issued a warning on the MOSSAD, in the WAshington Post, calling the Israeli intelligence group ruthless, cunning, able to attack US targets while making it seem like an Arab attack. That said, I seriously doubt the MOSSAD had anything to do with the attacks itself. It is clear they had prior knowledge. US intelligence had multiple warnings. Yet nothing was done. In fact, the single biggest argument for US government complicity in the 9-11 attacks is the lack, supreme lack, of air defenses over the most populous and strategic areas of the US. The biggest military might in the world did not protect these areas? There is a standard operating procedure with planes that , number 1, have veered off course, and number 2, have failed to maintain radio contact. US fighter planes are deployed within 3-5 minutes of both 1 and 2 occuring simultanesouly. It is a myth that it takes presidential authority to shoot down a plane. Rumsfeld or higher could, in fact, authorize military fighters to shoot down aircraft. But the scrambling of these aircraft is AUTOMATIC. The first plane that hit the WTC was in the air for more than 45 minutes ….. More than 38 minutes had passed since the plane veered off course and radio contact was lost. This piece of data is very damaging to the OFFICIAL version. Cheers all.

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The new aspect is the vatican angle

Where does it all go?

The ten percent annual increases in tuition? The 40% indirect costs from federal grants? Property taxes from your local state? Where does it all go? Well, any university worth it’s salt must have a 600,000 square foot recreational center. Who cares if the proposal was made during the internet bubble years, you can’t stop such an important project from going down. Certainly the students, taxpayers, graduate students, and faculty (typically the productive ones) won’t mind tightening their belts won’t mind if we defray the cost on their backs.

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