My name is Jim. You can call me Jim.

Here is a magazine that has something to do with VISUAL culture. It is run by a certain New York artiste who posts blogs invisibly on this site. Members need secret decoder glasses to read them, available for a minimal service fee of 25$ plus shipping and handling. Send a SASE to PO Box 5555555 columbus Ohio 43210.

Posted at 11:56 am by Johnny B

Posted by Jim @ 05/31/2005 10:43 AM PDT
Whoa…I just figured out you guys are using black type on white background. I’ve been posting with white type this whole time, hence the invisibility problem. Thanks for alerting me! I thought you were just ignoring me. And thanks for the plug!

Posted by JohnnyB @ 05/31/2005 07:05 PM PDT
Here at we’re all about innovation, pushing the envelope. We are the envelope. In particular, a white envelope with black type on the address.

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