Are you a Mexi-can or a Mexi-can’t?

Rothell told me about coyotes, or smugglers who bring in Mexicans and other illegals. NPR has been running an expose on illegal immigrants. Of course they call them “Undocumented” Workers. It is a five part series and has been eye opening. Mexico’s biggest export is labor. It is now considered a liability for an able bodied Mexican man to stay in his country to work when he can send money back home. Roughly 10% of the Mexican economy is supported by repatriated cash flow. Most of that comes from illegal immigrants.

Vincente Fox recently claimed that Mexicans do work even blacks won’t do. Well, what he says is true. Now there is the argument that there isn’t enough money in mowing lawns, building houses, babysitting, whatever for Americans. But the obvious point is that wages for those “jobs Americans aren’t willing to do” will rise to meet the demand of the market. Allowing this tinkering with the market artificially keeps wages low and the money props up a failing Mexican economy. Leaving the race question aside, what kind of work are Americans willing to do? Recently an able bodied 40 something male who was a pretty tough customer came by the house (in Louisiana) as a friend of a friend, and was asked what he did for a living. “Well, I got a settlement 10 years ago.” Ahh. Louisiana is one of the five states that have the most litigation-friendly juries (I don’t have the reference, but I think it was Wall Street Journal). Meanwhile, BMW and Hyundai are building plants in South Carolina and Alabama, and Mexicans are doing all the heavy lifting in the state. Go figure.

Posted at 07:33 pm by Johnny B


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