You can’t vote for my Pope

I got so pissed off when a professed atheist was talking smack about the new pope. “Oh I wish he was from Brazil”. I don’t tell him who should be the atheist pope. It’s not like I tell Logipundit who should be his preacher. “Hey Logipundit, you should have a black preacher”. This guy said he wished the pope was black. Does he know most Catholics aren’t even black? The U.N. doesn’t appoint the Pope, he is elected by the conclave of cardinals.

Anyway, fakers and cheaters suck in general, and I have little tolerance for any of them.

Posted at 10:26 am by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 04/24/2005 04:00 PM PDT
Johnny, you got a link to his this guy’s comments?

Posted by Johnny @ 04/28/2005 11:37 PM PDT
I overheard this in conversation. I don’t know the HTML code that can link to those

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