I wish I knew about this place. Reminds me why I still read the NY times.

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The List of Things not to buy from…

China expands:steam irons made in China electrocuted four people to death in Greece.

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cool blog

You can’t vote for my Pope

I got so pissed off when a professed atheist was talking smack about the new pope. “Oh I wish he was from Brazil”. I don’t tell him who should be the atheist pope. It’s not like I tell Logipundit who should be his preacher. “Hey Logipundit, you should have a black preacher”. This guy said he wished the pope was black. Does he know most Catholics aren’t even black? The U.N. doesn’t appoint the Pope, he is elected by the conclave of cardinals.

Anyway, fakers and cheaters suck in general, and I have little tolerance for any of them.

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Johnny, you got a link to his this guy’s comments?

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I overheard this in conversation. I don’t know the HTML code that can link to those

Random Thoughts

A mysterious email popped into my mailbox on April 15. It contained a single line

This link contained an interesting article about the Federal Reserve. World News Daily is pretty cool, my kind of website. I think usury is bad and all, but the abolition of the federal reserve, though constitutional, is bit weird. I mean 138 countries have a central bank. France and Canada have a central bank. Are there websites and newspapers denounce the Banque du France? Maybe so, and I haven’t heard of them.

Are the bankers at the Bank of Canada acting solely in the interests of Canadian citizens? Canadian or no, a banker is a banker.

That being said, I say sure, why not, abolish the federal reserve.

On an unrelated note, any of y’all know about health insurance, and buying it yourself. Any self-employed salesmen out there using pay-to-play or emergency insurance, or simply HMO or PPO? In fact, if any of y’all know of any insurance salesmen who knows about health insurance, I’d love to hear more about it. I’m really serious, and not being sarcastic.

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don’t know anyone who does that, but I’ll ask around.

Three Words: Initial Public Offering

Hey gang,

I’d like to tell you all about a little company called Culvers ( Talk about a great place. It’s like Dairy Queen 2.0, where the ice cream is really custard and really tastes edible! Yun-ju and I buy it by the gallon and make crazy root beer floats. When we run out of root beer, we mix in strawberries and kiwis into the vanilla custard…I call it a Johnny B fruit salad©. They also serve 100% beef hamburgers. What a revelation! Anyway for those of you on the east coast, the closest Culvers is in…Columbus Ohio. You are all welcome to stay here on your way over. Everyone down south will have to mosey over to a Houston suburb…200 locations so far.

Reminds me, remember Raising Cane’s? Used to have one store next to campus? They just opened a store up here in Columbus…right next to campus. Duh! Good for them I say. Now there are 25 stores on the website, but they don’t mention the Columbus store yet…perhaps it’s not corporate…

Kind of makes one think. I know some folk who are always looking for a job. Maybe they’re having trouble keeping them for whatever reason; I think maybe they can bust their butt getting some start up money fishing off the coast of Alaska (like the Raising Cane’s guys did) or other alternative pursuits of cash (I can’t think of any off the top of my head…any ideas?) then start a small business giving people what they want (like real ice cream) get a loan and start a franchise.

Or maybe they should just dump chicken in oil…go figure.

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Bring on the birth defects!

Bring on the birth defects. I think they left out this quote. “Now that our chance of having a child with birth defects or retardation is five or six percent, we plan on having 5 or 6 kids. I mean there’s only a five or six percent chance any of them will end up retarded, right”. Since these guys are from a blue state and getting married in a blue state, no one is throwing out any redneck jokes, yet. The bottom of the slippery slope of marriage rights.

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