Johnny B left a comment about his liberal friend who e-mailed him:

“One of my liberal friends (Nader Kerry voter, but preferred Dean and McCain) commented on the inaugural in an e-mail, “Everybody looked cranky and gloomy” etc. I figured it was just cold outside. What was your take? I think this warrants a separate post?”

I really don’t understand the cranky and gloomy…unless this person is looking at different pictures than the ones I posted. There are a total of maybe 3 faces that you can actually see in the pictures that aren’t either a) security (whose job it is to look cranky and gloomy) or b) cheering (in the motorcade shots). My take on it being there in person was that it was a little chilly (about 30 degrees), but people were willing to wait it out, and when the President spoke or drove by everyone was pretty excited. There were plenty of protestors, too, and I would call them excited more than gloomy, however cranky and excited would be a pretty fair assessment.

The funnest part, really, was all of the introductions in the beginning, and watching the camera focus on certain people that never matched what was on the screen (“Former Vice President Dan Quayle…” and Jimmy Carter would be on the screen grinning…or whatever). I was in the nosebleeds, so the screen was all we could see. When the camera stayed on a certain former Presidential candidate for about 5 minutes after the announced the “109th Senate of the United States”, someone yelled, “Hey! We have other Senators, you know!”

Did anyone else get a chance to go…?

Posted at 08:54 am by Logipundit

Posted by Johnny @ 02/01/2005 10:02 AM PST
My friend didn’t see your pictures, rather the live speech. I was going to send him to the blog, though.

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