My problem with Chomsky #3098

Found an interesting website

This guy tried to read a Chomsky book but couldn’t get past page 17. Though I doubt he really stopped there, I understand his point. Since he is an economics professor at Berkeley, you know he is a propaganda tool for zionists and Amerikan power brokers. Here is an interesting passage:

“The book began with a sketch of the history of U.S. foreign relations since World War II. By the second page Chomsky was in the middle of a brief discussion of planning for the postwar period. Four paragraphs were devoted to NSC 68–the end-of-the-1940s policy planning document that proposed building a military strong enough to confront the Soviet Union on any continent, and settling down for a long Cold War of unlimited duration. But NSC 68 was exhibited in a vacuum. There was not a word about the gradual shift in the late 1940s of U.S. policy from Rooseveltian cooperation with Stalin to Trumanesque confrontation, not a word about escalation of tensions–the fate of former German prisoners returned by the western allies to Stalin, the Soviet coup in Czechoslovakia, the disputes over German reconstruction ending in the Soviet blockade of Berlin–and not a word about how NSC 68 had no prospects of becoming policy until Josef Stalin took off the leash and Kim Il Sung began the Korean War.

I found this absence of any attempt to sketch the context disturbing.”

And later this:

What I object to is the lack of background, to the lack of context. In telling the history of the Cold War as it really happened–even in ten pages–there has to be a place for Stalin, an inquiry into the character of the regimes that Stalin sponsored, and an assessment of Stalinist plans and expectations. But Chomsky ruthlessly suppresses half the story of the Cold War–the story of the other side of the Iron Curtain.

This guy says what I was trying to say, only much more eloquently. When discussing US ham-fisted intervention in other countries, it’s important to factor in, well, our enemies

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Posted by BP @ 01/21/2005 06:25 PM PST
Stalin? Who’s that?

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