Thanks for the posts

Keep up the good work, gentlemen. I have a request or two:

one: PARAGRAPHS Scottie! Hell, I can’t read anyway (I’m too damned macho and strong), help me out. You had it split up in your comment, but when you upgraded it to a post, you lost the breaks.

two: Please cite references…something…books, websites, statistics, magazine articles, inside State Department resources, scans of confidential CIA files you stuffed in your pants before you left the National Archives. Something. It’s a whole lot more believable if we don’t have to just take your word for it.

Remember, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can save drafts and come back to it later when you have the references. You can also edit your comments after the fact.

Keep posting, though.

Thanks again, and make it a great day.

Posted at 09:52 am by Logipundit

Posted by Name @ 12/07/2004 10:12 AM PST
Cite references! Crappin’ A, Butch! What is this a research paper? BTW what does “lol” mean? Lot’s of luck? Not too up on my blog slang you know.

Posted by BP @ 12/07/2004 02:13 PM PST
Who’s this?

LOL is “Laugh out Loud.”

No it’s not a research paper, but read the intro (top left) and read my first weblog.

It’s not that I doubt validity of the authors. Actually in a couple of cases, I know the source, and I want to make sure the other readers know them as well. Not EVERYTHING needs to be backed up, but some things are complicated enough to where the average reader (that’s me) might appreciate the help in researching the material independently.

But again…who’s this?

Posted by Johnny B @ 12/07/2004 04:10 PM PST
this is me

I’m still working out the kinks about names, etc.

Posted by Rothell @ 12/07/2004 06:18 PM PST

I have thoroughly enjoyed the style Butch and Jordan have used to deliver their speeches. It’s fun to see words IN ALL CAPS and _underlined_, which seems to be the written equivalent of shaking your fist in the air, I guess. Try making them blink next time to really send your points home. Jordan took things a step further by doubling the font size of his posting, thus intimidating the reader even more into thinking this writer must be, well, huge! Or maybe he just talks with a high volume level (he’s not angry, he’s just passionate!).

Also this is not the first time I’ve read an attack on liberals by means of calling names whether overtly or with keen sly wit, like comparing them with mice or women. Ooh! Whatever it takes, right?

Posted by John Broussard @ 12/07/2004 11:32 PM PST
Hey Rothell, I put CHOMSKY in all caps so you know that I am shaking my fist as I say it. I even put his name three times (a la Brady Bunch) to show my jealousy of him.

Posted by BP @ 12/08/2004 09:58 AM PST

You amaze me. You really do. I love you like a brother, but am astounded how absolutely adeptly you manage to avoid EVER (and that’s in all caps, by the way) actually responding to the substance of the topic at hand.

There were numerous and I mean NUMEROUS (caps again) flaws in Jordan’s argument (sorry Jordan). And yet all you can do is talk about his FONT SIZE!



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