Real issues

The gold standard, Military industrial complex, zionism, and the CIA. Now see, Logipundit, these are real issues! Prayer in schools? What, are you kidding? Next thing you know we’ll be talking about gay marriage as a “real issue”. It’s all a smokescreen! I need to break out my Chomsky Cliff Notes now.

Before I get to your last post, Scotty, I still need to finish responding to your initial post on bad guys all over the world. It warrants a more comprehensive response, to be sure. Then I’ll address, to the best of my knowledge, overinflation of the dollar. After I google “William Jennings Bryan”.

Posted at 10:06 am by Johnny B

Posted by Scottie @ 12/07/2004 04:45 PM PST
chomsky is terrific and very informative …

Posted by Johnny B @ 12/07/2004 06:00 PM PST
Which is why I’m getting my Cliff notes Scottie!


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