Johnny B

Quick comeback before final exam : The point is that there must be a constant security threat at all times in the US, Johnny B. When then is not a bonafide threat, the US government will manufacture one. The historical record is very clear on this, and if you would like, I can go through specific wars to illustrate this point. Please don’t accept JFK as a credible source, lol …. I think you were pulling my chain with that reference, hopefully so.

Here’s a good bit of reading for anyone interested in the ties of the US economy and warfare : Saddam Hussein had been trying for several years to take Iraqi oil off the dollar standard and put it on the euro standard, as the euro is more stable, and not inflated as the dollar is. The success of Nixon in propping up the value of the dollar with OPEC oil was amazing, as he took the US off the gold standard in the early 70’s. (which is really the fractional reserve gold standard, thanks to some horrible legislation in 1913: the Federal Reserve Act and Income Tax legislation, both passed in the same year, and one is dependent on the other). So any country in the world who wants to buy OPEC oil must buy it with dollars.

Ex: If Russia needs OPEC oil, they will trade us Vodka, for example, or wheat, or potatoes, or whatever, for dollars. For them it is like a barter system. That’s why Russia keeps something like $500 billion in dollar reserves at all times. What would have happened if the Iraqis under Saddam, in a challenge to the dollar’s hegemony, put his oil on the euro standard. Other countries may have followed suit, and ultimately our economy would have gone down, baby, and i mean back to the depression. That’s why there has been a plan on the table for years to get rid of Saddam, all that was needed was a pretext.

Go read what Perle and Wolfowitz came up with in 1999(or 1998 i forget), called the Plan for the New American Century. This interesting document gives the US a pretext for usurping the central Caspian oil reserves (the -stan countries)and invading Iraq (something the Zionists have wanted for a long time) if there were a catastrophe on American soil on the scale of Pearl Harbor. See also : “The New Pearl Harbor” So there’s a quick response. I am anxious to hear back from you. Cheers

Posted at 09:14 am by Scottie

Posted by Name @ 12/07/2004 09:46 AM PST

With regards to citing JFK as a source, I was poking a little fun at you. Truth of the matter is, the thesis of “JFK” was that LBJ pulled the strings to pump money into the MIC, and that Shaw, a gay right-winger, was a pawn. Of course LBJ was just a pawn too, in the grand conspiracy


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