The Planet of the Year

Bush got Time’s “Person of the Year“.

Thank God… not because I think he deserved it (after all Hitler and Stalin were both men of the year, so I don’t think the company is necessarily that great), but because I hate it when they make it things like…”The American Woman” or “The American Soldier”, or “The Endangered Earth” (not kidding…the “Planet of the Year”), or “The Whistle Blowers.

Hey but that’s just me.

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Nice site, first time here. Like the planet of the year post.

Reading List

We finally have a few books on the reading list. Take a look at the list on the left. So far we have contributions from Scottie, Johnny B, and yours truly.

Johnny really wanted to recommend the “Anarchist Cookboook”, but didn’t want to steal any of Scottie’s thunder….

I’m sorry, was that my outside voice? Kidding fellas.

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Boy Scouts and the ACLU

Interesting little tid bit about the evil Christian-based organization, the Boy Scouts of America. Over the last few years it seems to have been the goal of the ACLU to make sure that the Boy Scouts should not be able to easily influence young minds into thinking that there was such thing as a God. Apparently “…to do my duty to God and my country” is just downright proselytical, so they managed to get the Pentagon to agree to not let military bases directly sponsor Boy Scout troops. (there are tons of articles on this…just google “boy scouts ACLU” at the top; the American Legion is coming out in full force against the move by the Pentagon).

Apparently the ACLU cannot get over the Supreme Court case in favor of the Boy Scouts that said it was legal for them not to allow homosexuals in their ranks, so they are trying to do what they can to squash the BSA by making sure they are not allowed access to any sponsorship anywhere close to our sacred, “religion-free” goverment.

ANYWAY, the Boy Scouts have decided to take a little bit of a pot shot back at them through their popcorn drive. Every year around Christmas-time the Boy Scouts sell “Trails-end” popcorn, and the troop in Richmond decided yesterday that it would be a good idea to sell popcorn…guess where?…right on the front steps of the national headquarters of the ACLU (

Even better, a popular conservative talk show host named Glenn Beck happened to be in town and made a pretty good show on the air of buying about 300 bags of popcorn.

By the way if you want to buy some popcorn, click here (and put in the code: TE3Y29) and the troop in Richmond will get the credit, I hear the “Buttery Light” is real good.

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Ukraine etc.

Hey gang,

A good article from the NY Times (did I just write that?) about Putin and the USSR, I mean Russia and Vladimir Putin, from Nicholas Kristof. I mean, catch this clause, “…A fascist Russia is better than a Communist Russia. Communism was a failed economic system…”

Ladies and gentlemen, what will they report next at the grey lady?

My only quibble is that I don’t see Putin as a right winger. Maybe a fascist, but not of the right wing variety. I don’t think the left-right spectrum works on a guy like Putin, who grew up a good communist and worked for the KGB.


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hey there 🙂

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who the hell is this

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welcome to our little blog. Your website is interesting. Please feel free to leave more substantive comments in the future.

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Someone needs to learn manners, don’t they? LOL.

Aah…the wisdom of Academia…

Here’s an interesting story out of the real U of L:

I’m assuming this guy couldn’t have been serious, and I don’t (knowing no more than I do) necessarily think he should be fired. However, it makes you wonder what would happen if we took control of our government away from “warmongerers” and gave the reigns to the “academic elite”.

There are some pretty funny comments following the article as well.

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McTighe was quoted by student columnist Brian Yates as saying “It was the religious zealots who say they were voting on morals. I think we should all buy AK47’s and shoot them all! That’s what I would suggest, if it were allowed.”

On behalf of religious zealots everywhere, I quote a brilliant almost leader of our time by saying, “Bring it on!” Chances are the zealots have a helluva lot more guns than he does.

Theo van Gogh

Some interesting notes from the Netherlands, this is Theo van Gogh:

“The dead poor sheep farmers on Sicily at the turn of the century argued that America must be heaven on earth as emigrated family members relayed messages of having meat for dinner everyday. That was a mouthwatering experience for people who could enjoy that privilege maybe once in a lifetime. You can argue that particular instinct to be ‘ordinary’ or ‘superficial’ like so many do here, but it is way beyond me to look down on it. America is hated because it embodies the hope of people that yearn for a better life, to have meat everyday, but also to believe in the God they choose, or not. To say what you want without being persecuted. To be a woman without a veil, with the right to vote, free expression and adultery, without being stoned.”


“The police in Amsterdam has no interest to help out the original inhabitants of this city that are threatened by an increasingly aggressive minority. And least of all Cohen. When Mr. Jahjas’s soul mates killed nearly three-thousand Americans in the World Trade Center the first point of action for our mayor was a visit to the mosque. At schools, mosques, everywhere in Amsterdam there were parties celebrating this great victory on Satan. Cohen kowtowed for the believers and stated: “you’re all part of us!”, rather than asking the question “what the hell are you doing here?”. Cohen is acting like a wartime mayor, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.” (Van Gogh refers to the many Dutch mayors that collaborated with Nazi occupiers during WWII – Ed.). “


“Suzan – to whom I would love to devote some passionate words as being one of my great lovers – called me from Sydney, Australia, drunk, to tell me that Bush was the greatest threat to world peace. You shared a bed with someone like that, you had an enormous amount of fun with her, a year ago you shared an elephant in Thailand, and now you have to endure the complete nonsense she dispenses and you tell yourself that really, Western civilization is built on the right to disagree with one another. It is a paradox though that a fifth column of peace birds, in which all the Suzans of this world march along compliantly, provide the exact proof that the values that are defended by Bush and Blair are of a higher standard than those of Saddam. How decadent do you have to be as a free person in the West to happily applaud at your own grave by protesting against America and not against the butchers in Baghdad?”

Theo van Gogh, of course, was killed in Amsterdam for making movies critical of the way Islamic folk treat women. This a year or so after Pim Fortuyn was murdered, supposedly by an animal rights activist. Currently 6% of the Netherlands’ population consist of Islamic immigrants.

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The Battle between "Choice" and "Ethics"

The Washington Post has an appropriately headlined article:

“A Boy for You, a Girl for Me: Technology Allows Choice; Embryo Screening Stirs Ethics Debate”

The gist of it is, families have the ability now to choose which sex they want their kid to be. So here we are again, possibly at a crossroads of science and morality, and the major debate is between “choice” and “ethics”.

Are we opening up Pandora’s box here? (Did anyone see Gattaca? One of my favorite movies, and incredibly underrated. I suggest renting it; not for the ethical themes but for the other life’s lessons that accompany it.) Not to sound too much like the moralist, but is there a line here. I don’t for sure know whether the gender choice is it, however it starts with simply trying to make sure the child is healthy, nothing wrong with that, right? Gene choosing has been going on for years in China (albeit the methods might be different). So what happens if the parents want a star football player, or a scientist?

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