Response to Butch’s paranoia (and Rothell’s reply)

Rothell makes a great point about the stereotyping of the islamic world by the US media specifically, which is not representative of all western media. The demonization of muslims has been ongoing for quite some time. The subtleties of the demonization have disappeared since 9/11, and the coverage in the US media concerning the Islamic world I find to be repugnant. Case in point: the issue of Israel-Palestine, the single biggest contributor to anti-American sentiment abroad(and the reasons behind 9/11). I just read updated casualty stats since the 2000 intifada. 3500 dead Palestinians, and 850 dead Israelis, while the US media will quickly and adeptly paint the picture of “Palestinian terrorist” and “Israeli victim”, the disparity in deaths simply do not support such a portrayal. Another example, leading up to the deceptive Iraq war, is the lumping together of different Muslim groups by the US Media. One argument made for invading Iraq was that Saddam Hussein had ties with al-queda and Osama bin Laden. Never mind that Hussein gassed thousands of Kurds during the first gulf war, and in doing so , became a mortal enemy of bin Laden. However, the media here did a good enough job tossing them in the same salad bowl, and Americans blindly supported the argument that Iraq must have connections with al-queda. Butch will proudly tell everyone how he read “Against All Enemies” by Dick Clarke, while his take on that book is far different than mine. The CIA and Richard Clarke both concluded (rightly so) that al-queda was responsible for 9/11, and there was serious scheming in the Bush administration about how to point the finger at Iraq. The case for war was manufactured , and poorly I might add. Yet the American public swallowed it, hook, line and sinker. Perhaps the bigger issue to discuss is the indoctrination and gullibility of the American public …

Posted at 08:56 am by Scottie

Posted by BP @ 11/22/2004 11:44 AM PST
I find it hard to understand how calling someone’s beliefs “paranoid” adds to the discourse, however, please read the update to the post on “multiculturalism” if you’d like to hear my response to that assessment. I’m pretty sure, given your foreign policy beliefs, you’ve been called “paranoid” before as well, and probably took as much offense to it as I do. (“the american public swallowed it, hook, line and sinker” could be considered paranoid, by the way.

Also, your numbers on Palestinians and Israelis could possibly be incomplete. Has anyone (and I’m asking here, cause my research on it is not as throrough as yours) done the research on how many of these Palestinian casualties died as a result of “suicide” bombers, how many are a result of Israeli’s targeting of militants, and how many civilian deaths have occurred on each side.

Without those numbers, the argument looks a little weak.


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